Intellian FB250 FleetBroadband Maritime terminal

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Brand: Intellian

Intellian FB250 is a maritime terminal designed for Inmarsat’s L-band network ELERA, which enables simultaneous voice and data connectivity up to 284 Kbps. It has been engineered as the perfect companion to the Intellian GX100NX and GX60NX Global Xpress terminals, which together deliver Fleet Xpress.

Simultaneous voice and data

Various applications such as e-mails, SMS and calls are available by supporting simultaneous voice and data. FB250 also supports 505 emergency calling.

Easy to install and simple configuration

Simple and quick installation via AptusLX, an intuitive web-based platform to manage and control the antenna system. The FB250 comes with a three year global warranty.

Complete FX solution

Fleet Xpress combines the high data speeds of Global Xpress (Ka-band) with the proven reliability of FleetBroadband (L-band network ELERA) to offer unrivalled speed, continuous connectivity, and guaranteed performance for true global mobility. The FB250 combined with Intellian’s GX100NX or GX60NX is the ideal FX solution.

All-in-one solution

The FB250 offers a variety of features such as analog voice lines, a built-in firewall for data security, four LAN ports with PoE, a 3G/LTE WAN port to connect an external cellular modem, and soft PABX. These technical capabilities and GMDSS readiness of the FB250, makes it ideal for vessel operations, safety and crew welfare services.

Keep connected with global coverage

  • Connects to the I-4 fleet of Inmarsat’s L-band satellites for near global coverage
  • Will also connect to the new I-6 Inmarsat satellites once available
  • High-quality access to internet/intranets and email, with simultaneous voice and data
  • Reliable backup out of band management solution for VSAT systems
  • FB250 can be used as a Fleet Xpress solution when combined with an Intellian GX system


Compact and reliable terminal design

Compact FleetBroadband maritime terminal offering increased connectivity speeds

  • Small and light weight terminal
  • Built-in Inmarsat BRM module
  • Efficient two axis helix terminal
  • Unlimited azimuth range
  • Single cable installation
  • Ethernet over coax

Radome Dimension

29.11 x 29.45 cm (11.5 x 11.6 inch)

Reflector Diameter


Terminal Weight

4.9 kg / 10.8 lb

TX Frequency

1626.5 MHz ~ 1675.0 MHz

RX Frequency

1518.0 MHz ~ 1559.0 MHz

TX Gain


RX Gain



> -15.5 dB/K

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