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BGAN Inmarsat EXPLORER 510

The EXPLORER 510 satellite terminal serves as a global WiFi hotspot, providing internet speeds of up to 464 Kbps to any wireless device within range, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. What sets the EXPLORER 510 apart from other BGAN terminals is its seamless smartphone integration. Through the Explorer Control App, users have full control over the 510, monitoring signal strength, overall usage in Megabytes, and sending or receiving texts, even utilizing iPhone iMessage or other texting programs. Additionally, it transforms smartphones into satellite phones, enabling users to make or receive calls from anywhere in the world. Compact and affordable, the EXPLORER 510 stands out as one of the most portable BGAN terminals available, making it ideal for various applications in both remote and urban locations that require internet and phone connectivity.

Thuraya MCD Voyager

The Thuraya MCD Voyager stands out as a ‘Mobile Communications Device,’ offering unmatched mobility without compromising connectivity.

This innovative device seamlessly integrates the high-performance Thuraya IP Voyager into a ruggedized self-contained, auto-pointing satellite broadband terminal.

The Thuraya MCD Voyager features a convenient click-and-go function, allowing for effortless operation with a single button. Upon activation, it quickly connects to the Thuraya network and automatically establishes a Wi-Fi internet hotspot, providing coverage for a range of up to 100 meters for any wireless device. Designed for simplicity and user-friendliness, the Thuraya MCD Voyager terminal does not require specialized training or certification, making it accessible to anyone. It delivers impressive IP broadband speeds of up to 444kbps, whether in a stationary position or on the move.


The EXPLORER 710 stands out as the world’s smallest Class 1 BGAN terminal, offering pioneering support for INMARSAT’s premier High Data Rate (HDR) streaming service, delivering remarkable streaming speeds of up to 650 kbps. With a range of new features, including smartphone compatibility and plug-and-play bonding, the EXPLORER 710 enables seamless linking of two terminals for accelerated streaming rates of up to 1 Mbps. With these advancements, the EXPLORER 710 solidifies its position as the ultimate portable BGAN terminal, perfectly tailored for broadcasting and other IP-based applications.

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