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Maritime and LAND

Kymeta Maritime and Land solutions are purpose-built for mobility, delivering reliable broadband connectivity both at sea and on land. Our turnkey terminals are designed for easy installation on a variety of vessels, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity no matter where your journey takes you. Leveraging Kymeta’s cutting-edge electronically steered antenna technology, our terminals provide seamless connectivity even in remote locations. Whether you’re navigating the open ocean or exploring rugged terrain, Kymeta has you covered with fast and efficient communication solutions.

List of Products


Stay connected on the ocean, inland waterways, near shore, or deep waters with the Kymeta Peregrine u8, the purpose-built maritime solution designed to provide reliable connectivity wherever you sail. The Peregrine u8 terminal ensures dependable communications even in rough seas and challenging conditions, seamlessly integrating with your vessel’s IT infrastructure. With its sleek design and easy installation process, the Peregrine u8 terminal offers hassle-free connectivity, making it the ideal choice for superior maritime connectivity.

KYMETA HAWK U8 LAND – GEO Satellite System

The Kymeta Hawk u8 – GEO is a turnkey terminal designed for mobility, ensuring you stay connected wherever you go. With its industry-leading electronically steered antenna, this terminal is ready to provide on-the-go communications whenever and wherever you need it. Easily mountable on vehicles, the Hawk u8 – GEO terminal delivers seamless connectivity, making it the perfect solution for staying connected on the move.

KYMETA HAWK U8 LAND – LEO Satellite System

Introducing the Kymeta Hawk u8 – LEO, our innovative turnkey electronically scanning terminal designed to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity for fixed and mobile applications with moving satellites. With its cutting-edge technology, the Hawk u8 – LEO ensures seamless connectivity even in dynamic environments, making it the perfect solution for staying connected on the move.

The Hawk u8 – LEO delivers low-latency and high-bandwidth connectivity worldwide through OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network. With its advanced technology, the Hawk u8 – LEO offers a versatile and powerful solution for remote and mobile environments, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity wherever you go.


KYMETA OSPREY U8 Satellite System

The Kymeta Osprey u8 provides a comprehensive and customized connectivity platform designed specifically for the military community, addressing the communications-on-the-move (COTM), networks-on-the-move (NOTM), and communications-on-the-pause (COTP) needs. With its advanced technology, the Osprey u8 is easily mountable on a wide array of military vehicles and vessels, ensuring reliable connectivity in remote and challenging locations for military operations.

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