VSAT Service in Middle East

(operation outside of U.A.E Only)

We provide high-speed internet connectivity using VSAT satellite technology, specifically designed for locations in the Middle East where terrestrial internet connections and voice access may be unavailable, unreliable, or insufficient, or for security and privacy reasons. Our satellite communication services cover the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, offering robust Ku-band, Ka-band, and C-band satellite coverages that deliver high-speed internet services. Our services cater to fixed terrestrial and transportable applications, as well as maritime vessel applications at sea and mobile land vehicles. Small and medium offices (SOHO/SME), as well as industries, administrations, and ISPs in the Middle East, highly appreciate our services and internet connectivity solutions.

  • Two-way internet satellite broadband dsl access,
  • Vsat satellite shared access and dedicated access
  • VSAT (V-SAT) satellite Private Network,
  • SCPC/SCPC, DVB-S2 ACM satellite internet
  • Broadcasting services, OTT, IPTV, DTH
  • SVNO (VNO) and many more, private satellite IP

Available satellite internet services in Middle East

Saudi Arabia
Satellite Footprints

Featured Coverage Maps

ABS-2 75.0E

The ABS-2 satellite, positioned at 75°, played a crucial role in broadcasting channels. It served as a platform for broadcasting 97 FTA MPEG-2 channels and one MPEG4 channel. As the fifth satellite operated by ABS, ABS-2 at 75° contributed to delivering a wide range of television content to viewers.

EUTELSAT 70B 70.5° East

EUTELSAT 70B is a powerful satellite that plays a crucial role in enhancing communications between continents, supporting the growing business and cultural links. With its advanced capabilities, EUTELSAT 70B serves as a vital tool in facilitating seamless and reliable communication across regions.

Eutelsat 21B 21.6°E

Located at 21.5° East, E21B satellite is strategically positioned to cater to the communication needs of companies operating between Europe, North Africa, the Sahara, the Middle East, and the Gulf region. With its ideal location, E21B serves as a reliable and efficient platform for seamless communication across these regions.


YahClick, a leading satellite broadband service, will soon be available across specific regions in 28 countries spanning South West Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This expansion will provide reliable and high-speed internet connectivity to users in these regions, enhancing communication and connectivity for individuals and businesses alike.


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