CPI SATCOM Prodelin 1.8M 1182 Series Ku-Band Tx/Rx Antenna

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CPI SAT Prodelin 1.8m Ku-Band 1182 Series Satellite Dish

The CPI SAT Prodelin 1.8m Ku Band Receive Only 1182 Series Satellite Dish is a high-performance precision moulded, one-piece reflector design typically used in Receive Only applications. The CPI SAT Prodelin 1.8m Ku Band Receive Only 1183 Series Satellite Dish is made from a durable SMC and hot-dip galvanised steel construction providing an antenna solution that can endure even the most challenging of environmental conditions.
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Key Features:

  • Receive Only configuration available
  • Durable reflector design
  • Galvanised steel backing and feed support structure
  • Excellent cross polarisation performance
  • Linear feedhorn
  • Circular feed available*

*Optional configuration available

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CPI SATCOM Prodelin 1.8m 1182 Series Datasheet

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