GCC’s VSAT services provide interactive, real-time video conferencing, enhancing operations and on-site reporting from almost any location. Constraints arising from remote locations are overcome through simultaneous video conferencing connecting multiple remote sites. Through reliable, two-way remote site connectivity, GCC’s video conferencing services deliver secure voice, high-speed data and video Internet connection.we offer an affordable, portable system that provides the instant connectivity, high performance streaming service, 24/7 tech support and flexible bandwidth requirements necessary to accommodate your unique video streaming needs.

Our scalable streaming service accommodates events ranging from large concerts and business seminars, to intimate gathering and electoral speeches. To use, simply connect the video camera to the components in our video streaming box, embed one of several available streaming feeds onto your web site, and start the camera rolling. The live video feed―transported to our streaming servers via IP connectivity or satellite using a small portable antenna ― is broadcast instantly on your Web site.

Understand How Video Conferencing Works