Apstar 7 76.5°E

Apstar 7 is a Chinese communications satellite which is operated by APT Satellite Holdings as part of the Apstar system. It was launched in 2012 as a replacement for the Apstar-IIR satellite launched in 1997.

  • APSTAR-7 is an advanced telecommunications satellite based on Spacebus 4000 C2 of Thales Alenia Space France (TASF).
  • The satellite has 56 operational transponders (28 in C-band and 28 in Ku-band) onboard.
  • Multiple Ku-band beams, including China Beam, Middle East & North Africa Beam, Africa Beam and a Steerable Spot Beam are able to provide in-beam and cross-beam broadcast and telecommunication services.
  • iDirect X3
  • iDirect X5

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